Make-up courses that guarantee a well-versed job profile Stuck in a limbo?

Learn Make-up from the Industry Professionals

We always believe that a champion is best made when the opportunity we provide meets with the preparation that a student has made. Whether you have dreamt of being a beautician or aspire to become one, our make-up academy is regarded as one of the best make-up academies offering blow-drying courses, hairdressing courses, and several other combined courses.  We work with a belief that perfection is achieved only through practice and that is the very reason that we provide hands-on practical training in a thorough way to all our students.

What makes us special is a combination of awareness and the knack of keeping up to date with the industry standards. We tend to pride ourselves in being the standard-bearer of the make-up academies. We have been one of the leading make-up academies in the market for over a decade and plan on continuing this trend for the foreseeable future. We have built a phenomenal team in this due course and follow most of the up to date training methods which will reflect mostly in our blow-drying courses and hair-dressing courses.

What separates us from other make-up academies is that our primary and only goal behind making these comprehensive courses is to make each and every one of our students in this profession the very best. The courses have been meticulously designed by industry experts in a way that reflects how dedicated they are and how much attention to every detail they have paid. To begin with, we have especially emphasized on the blow drying courses and hair-dressing courses so as to make our students familiar with the trends and practices of this industry.

Most of the faculties of our make-up academy are industry professionals and are always up to date with the present practices of the industry. They have designed the courses keeping in mind how the industry works and taking into consideration, the safety measures involved while practicing your craft. The faculties of our make-up academy have developed new, innovative and interactive methods to teach the courses such that our students can also inherit the knowledge from them. Our faculties are technically very sound, and these courses will be of immense help to develop your style for your whole career.

Students and aspirants can always choose from a wide variety of courses from our catalog. We take full responsibility of devoting 100% focus on each of the courses. Be it the blow-drying courses or the hair styling courses or even the hair-dressing courses, we always give equal care to all of our courses. What separates us from other make-up academies is that we frequently offer crash courses. The crash courses involve a touch of everything. Starting from the basics of the blow-drying courses and down to the safety and precautionary measures undertaken by industry professionals.

All of our courses have been fully licensed and insured. Every month we conduct a one-day booster course which gives you an in-depth insight into what our long term courses look like. Consider it as an appetizer before the meal.