Kickstart Your Blow Drying Training with These Awesome Skills

Sharpen Your Blow Drying Skills Like a Knife.

You may have attended numerous workshops, or completed one or two blow-drying courses, but nothing is going to beat your hands-on training. It doesn’t matter how many courses you have covered in the past, but what matters most is how sharp your skills are now in the present day. So, if you are a newbie or even an intermediate at this particular skill, we will look at a few tips by practicing which you can hone your skills.

Let’s begin this journey!

When it comes to make-up artist training, blow-drying is one of the easiest to start with. Now in this article, we are going to look at a few tips which will improve your skills. But the pre-requisite to that is, you must at least be a beginner. Before beginning, you remember that it is important for the trainees to understand the importance of applying the perfect blow drying technique.

Let the tips begin!

1) Ideally, you should begin with short hair.

This is because before picking up a brush, you must understand how movement can be created with the use of your fingers and air directions. It may be troublesome for you to manage long hair along with the hairdryer. You must practice holding the hairdryer and combing the hair in the right direction. This helps build the practice of holding the equipment in the right way and combing the hair efficiently.

2) Always use a flat brush

Always remember to use a flat brush while sticking to shorter hair. This is a great confidence booster as it is easier to maintain the airflow direction while using a flat brush.

3) Learn the wrap drying technique.

After getting used to the airflow direction and learning to use a flat brush, the next thing to master is the wrap drying technique. This technique teaches you how to use the head shape to soften the partings and fringes.
Deep dive into the complete know-hows
After mastering the use of a flat brush, the next step is the round brush. But before using the round brush, trainees must,

4) Learn to diffuse curly hair.

It is of the utmost importance to know how to manipulate the movement of naturally curly hair. You can opt for a diffuser, which is designed for waves and curls to disperse the airflow of a blow dryer. It’s used to dry curly hair gently while reducing frizz. It also keeps the curl pattern intact and creates volume.

The last and the most important step is to,

5) Move onto long hair.

This step must only be practiced when you have mastered the steps mentioned before this. It is expected that by now you are confident working with a blow dryer and a brush. Firstly, use the plain brush, then move onto a round brush on straight hair and focus on applying even tension. Finally, move onto a round brush to learn how to smoothen the naturally curly hair.

However, you must remember that until and unless you master the flat brush you must never touch the round brush and similarly, do not move to longer hair until you have mastered the shorter hair.