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Your Ultimate Guide to Treating Dry Skin

If you are in a love-hate relationship with your complexion due to dry skin, then it is time that you start taking appropriate measures to treat your skin and keep it hydrated and glowy. There is more to dry skin treatment than just moisturizing. So, follow these routine tips by makeup artist Essex to take good care of your dry skin:

1: Wash Your Skin with Lukewarm Water

Do not get mistaken that hot water is your friend. Washing off in hot water can take away essential oils from your skin, making it even drier. Switch to lukewarm water instead whenever you are cleansing your face or in shower.

2: Be Gentle When You are Cleansing

Choose a facial cleanser that suits your skin type – and rub your face gently. As an alternative, you can also apply micellar water, which acts as a no-rinse cleansing option. It contains tiny micelles or oil molecules that act as a magnet and extract out impurities in your skin. It is easy to use, and you do not need a sink to apply it, and you can carry it wherever you want as per makeup artist training instructors.

3: Exfoliate on a Weekly Basis

It is common for dead skin cells to develop on the surface of your skin. If not treated, they can make your skin look dull. Try exfoliating your skin using a face scrub and make it a part of your weekly routine. As taught during makeup training, pay attention to how your skin responds to the process and exfoliate your dry skin accordingly. With continued exfoliation, you will surely get smooth and glowing skin.

4: Apply Moisturizer to Damp Skin

The instructors at the makeup training courses recommend that you not towel off immediately when you have washed your face as the best time to apply moisturizer after cleansing is when your skin is still damp.

5: Moisturize Morning and Night

Regardless of your skin type, you need to moisturize your skin every morning and night. Use a good moisturizer that works best for your dry skin and can provide long-lasting hydration. Moisturizing is the next step after cleansing, carry it out for smoothing, face, and neck.

6: Use Lotions along with Oils

Choosing between a moisturizer and facial oil can be hard. So why not use both together? Take 4-5 drops of facial oil and massage it on your skin. Once done, apply your moisturizer for hydrating your skin more effectively.

7: Use Face Mask Regularly

Face masks can leave your skin feeling refreshed and help draw out impurities, dirt, and oils and cleanse the stressed areas. Usually, you need to keep the mask on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. It is best to use them twice every week for the best results.

Well, these were some of the golden tips that will come handy in your everyday routine. Do follow them to see surprising results. You can even take up beginner’s makeup courses to know more about different skin types and ways to treat them for healthy skin.

Importance of Implementing Skincare into your Makeup Routine

Hello, to all my lovely students and blog readers Jodie here? I hope you’re all safe and healthy during this uneasy time. I wanted to talk about skincare routine and the importance of implementing this into your makeup routine both personally and professionally.

Some of our makeup students are surprised to see that the first page of our makeup training manual starts with the Skin! We discuss the 5 different skin types: Dry, Oily, Normal, Combination and sensitive, the different characteristics, how to identify these and how to consult your client prior to makeup application.

Your client may not know their skin type so its good to ask them questions such as do you suffer from skin sensitivity or allergies, are you touch-sensitive, do you go red easily, does your skin feel dry or tight throughout the day or is it oily to touch and greasy looking.

Identifying your client’s skin type will help you choose the correct products such as face creams, primers, and foundations. If someone suffers from oily skin you want to use an oil-free/ mattifying primer whereas a light-reflecting dewy primer is better for someone with normal or dry skin as long as it has been recently exfoliated and hydrated.

Being a makeup artist I have given myself the excuse that ‘it’s my duty’ to try and buy all new products and in multiple colours to ensure I use the best yet cost-effective products on my clients.

whilst it’s not your job to give your clients skin a facial prior to makeup application as you would need to charge more for this and allocate more time to your booking it is extremely important that your client’s skin is prepped and ready for makeup application. Clients may come to you with makeup already applicated or half removed, the amount of clients who say they are makeup free yet I can see last night’s concealer collected around the eyes or foundation sitting on their jawline is the reason I always have Simple facial cleanser and makeup wipes for sensitive skin to fully remove the final traces of makeup on their skin.

After the skin is cleansed, I apply moisturiser to the skin then start working on the eyes giving the moisturiser time to be absorbed by the skin. Some clients will be conscious of looking after their skin and will already have cleansed and moisturised for you prior to their appointment and in these circumstances, I do not cleanse I move straight to makeup application.

My favourite moisturiser to use personally and professionally is Moisture Surge by Clinic. This sits perfectly under primers/ foundations and not irritate my sensitive skin and also keeps my deeply hydrated without leaving me feeling greasy or shiny ( I have sensitive and combination skin) The reason I love this product in my kit is that it’s suitable for all skin types, its lightweight and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, oil free for oily prone skin and provides 73hrs of hydration for dry skin. Winner!

Whilst starting off as a makeup artist  I completely understand the struggle of the initial starting cost of building up your kit so if Moisture Surge is out of your price range  Simple Moisturiser is fantastic for its price as again its lightweight, oil free and demagogically tested. Simple  moisturiser is well respected in the makeup industry and you will find many award-winning, luxury brand endorsed artists using this in their kit.

To accommodate sensitive skin which I also, unfortunately, suffer from its best to use skin friendly products throughout your kit. Due to my sensitivity I trial and test all products before they make it to my professional kit collection as I want to see how the products feel and last throughout the day. My favourite foundation range for sensitive skin is Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation which is Oil & paraben free. Not only does this foundation sit flawlessly on the skin it also photographs really well hence being my go to foundation for brides who want to look great but are not used to wearing makeup. It is completely lightweight yet buildable to a medium to full coverage. Although this foundation is oil free it is still illuminating giving you that healthy skin glow. It also has light-diffusing spheres to help blur skin imperfections and give you that flawless finish as though you have been professionally retouched whilst remaining lightweight. If you are yet to try this beauty, add it next to your makeup shopping list!

My go to primer is Kiko Milano- Matte Face Base which is £9.99 for 30ml which works great on all skin types. Although its mattifying the silicone texture glides over dry skin patches leaving the skin silky smooth and ready for foundation application. This texture is also great for open pores, scaring and wrinkles as it plumps up these imperfections. Most of my clients ask me what that great product is with the nice smell and feel I used on their skin and are referring to this beauty.  This Kiko primer is very similar to my first ever primer I used in my pro kit which is the highly respected Smash Box- photo finish primer which is £35 for 50ml.

Finally, I want to finish on Mac & Prime Fix+ spray which is great for a instant skin hydration boost or as a finishing touch over makeup. This product comes in some great scented smells such as coconut, lavender and Rose. I like to spray this over my clients face before I apply their primer to give the skin another hit of moisture and for the client to apricate the amazing smells- my favourite is coconut. You can also use this product as a finishing setting spray however I don’t think you can beat Urban Decay- All Nighter Setting Spray for the best setting product. There are a few different Urban Decay setting sprays and of course I’ve tried them all and I have to say the original all nighter is my favourite.

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Kickstart Your Blow Drying Training with These Awesome Skills

Sharpen Your Blow Drying Skills Like a Knife.

You may have attended numerous workshops, or completed one or two blow-drying courses, but nothing is going to beat your hands-on training. It doesn’t matter how many courses you have covered in the past, but what matters most is how sharp your skills are now in the present day. So, if you are a newbie or even an intermediate at this particular skill, we will look at a few tips by practicing which you can hone your skills.

Let’s begin this journey!

When it comes to make-up artist training, blow-drying is one of the easiest to start with. Now in this article, we are going to look at a few tips which will improve your skills. But the pre-requisite to that is, you must at least be a beginner. Before beginning, you remember that it is important for the trainees to understand the importance of applying the perfect blow drying technique.

Let the tips begin!

1) Ideally, you should begin with short hair.

This is because before picking up a brush, you must understand how movement can be created with the use of your fingers and air directions. It may be troublesome for you to manage long hair along with the hairdryer. You must practice holding the hairdryer and combing the hair in the right direction. This helps build the practice of holding the equipment in the right way and combing the hair efficiently.

2) Always use a flat brush

Always remember to use a flat brush while sticking to shorter hair. This is a great confidence booster as it is easier to maintain the airflow direction while using a flat brush.

3) Learn the wrap drying technique.

After getting used to the airflow direction and learning to use a flat brush, the next thing to master is the wrap drying technique. This technique teaches you how to use the head shape to soften the partings and fringes.
Deep dive into the complete know-hows
After mastering the use of a flat brush, the next step is the round brush. But before using the round brush, trainees must,

4) Learn to diffuse curly hair.

It is of the utmost importance to know how to manipulate the movement of naturally curly hair. You can opt for a diffuser, which is designed for waves and curls to disperse the airflow of a blow dryer. It’s used to dry curly hair gently while reducing frizz. It also keeps the curl pattern intact and creates volume.

The last and the most important step is to,

5) Move onto long hair.

This step must only be practiced when you have mastered the steps mentioned before this. It is expected that by now you are confident working with a blow dryer and a brush. Firstly, use the plain brush, then move onto a round brush on straight hair and focus on applying even tension. Finally, move onto a round brush to learn how to smoothen the naturally curly hair.

However, you must remember that until and unless you master the flat brush you must never touch the round brush and similarly, do not move to longer hair until you have mastered the shorter hair.

Make-up courses that guarantee a well-versed job profile Stuck in a limbo?

Learn Make-up from the Industry Professionals

We always believe that a champion is best made when the opportunity we provide meets with the preparation that a student has made. Whether you have dreamt of being a beautician or aspire to become one, our make-up academy is regarded as one of the best make-up academies offering blow-drying courses, hairdressing courses, and several other combined courses.  We work with a belief that perfection is achieved only through practice and that is the very reason that we provide hands-on practical training in a thorough way to all our students.

What makes us special is a combination of awareness and the knack of keeping up to date with the industry standards. We tend to pride ourselves in being the standard-bearer of the make-up academies. We have been one of the leading make-up academies in the market for over a decade and plan on continuing this trend for the foreseeable future. We have built a phenomenal team in this due course and follow most of the up to date training methods which will reflect mostly in our blow-drying courses and hair-dressing courses.

What separates us from other make-up academies is that our primary and only goal behind making these comprehensive courses is to make each and every one of our students in this profession the very best. The courses have been meticulously designed by industry experts in a way that reflects how dedicated they are and how much attention to every detail they have paid. To begin with, we have especially emphasized on the blow drying courses and hair-dressing courses so as to make our students familiar with the trends and practices of this industry.

Most of the faculties of our make-up academy are industry professionals and are always up to date with the present practices of the industry. They have designed the courses keeping in mind how the industry works and taking into consideration, the safety measures involved while practicing your craft. The faculties of our make-up academy have developed new, innovative and interactive methods to teach the courses such that our students can also inherit the knowledge from them. Our faculties are technically very sound, and these courses will be of immense help to develop your style for your whole career.

Students and aspirants can always choose from a wide variety of courses from our catalog. We take full responsibility of devoting 100% focus on each of the courses. Be it the blow-drying courses or the hair styling courses or even the hair-dressing courses, we always give equal care to all of our courses. What separates us from other make-up academies is that we frequently offer crash courses. The crash courses involve a touch of everything. Starting from the basics of the blow-drying courses and down to the safety and precautionary measures undertaken by industry professionals.

All of our courses have been fully licensed and insured. Every month we conduct a one-day booster course which gives you an in-depth insight into what our long term courses look like. Consider it as an appetizer before the meal.